How we can collectively support impact

How to build a framework that allows impact enterprises to scale

This pillar is specifically targeted at policymakers, advocates and investors

The impact investment ecosystem in Bangladesh is the third largest in the South Asian region after India and Pakistan. In 2018, nearly USD 1 billion was invested in social impact activities, according to the OECD. These numbers paint an optimistic picture of the growth and prosperity that Bangladesh can achieve. The “Biniyog Briddhi: Scaling Impact Enterprises of Bangladesh” programme aims to catalyze the market’s full potential by addressing some of the limitations that hinder a the realization of a thriving impact ecosystem. In particular, it strives to advocate for an improved framework that allows innovative finance to take foot and expand – beyond classic equity and debt. Biniyog Briddhi is working closely with the National Advisory Board (NAB) for Impact Investment in Bangladesh to identify and provide support to key stakeholders. While doing so, we always have our eyes on gender inclusivity and the needs of the most vulnerable populations, so that everyone receives an equal chance to benefit from economic prosperity.

What we prepared with the NAB to foster the impact ecosystem