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How we can help you scale your impact on people and the planet

How to scale your impact with us

Are you an enterprise with a strong focus on positive impact?

Do you care deeply about people and planet and seek to serve customers in traditionally ignored areas? Do you provide products or services that address social or environmental challenges? Are you seeking to grow your enterprise but having trouble finding financing options that fit the unique niche you occupy? If so, the Biniyog Briddhi: Scaling Impact Enterprises of Bangladesh Programme is the right place for you.

What we have in stock for you

Many opportunities for getting training and funding, for example:


The chance to receive a voucher for improved, highly-structured expert support to become better equipped to access finance and measure and manage your impact > CHECK OUT THE VOUCHER SCHEME


Time-limited premium payments to incentivise your impact if you are a more mature enterprise seeking investment > LEARN HOW IT WORKS


Matching funds to lower your financing cost and build up a functioning impact management practice if you are an early-stage enterprise seeking investment > READ ABOUT THE IRMF

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