Scaling Impact Enterprises of Bangladesh (SIE-B)

What we do and why

We empower impact entrepreneurs to scale

Building on its successful Phase I, Biniyog Briddhi (“B-Briddhi”) aims to improve the lives of underserved groups in Bangladesh and increase their access to essential products and services. To achieve this, we are boosting the growth and scaling of local impact enterprises with high-quality capacity building, catalytic funding and knowledge.

To empower impact entrepreneurs to access finance, it is important to help them understand the language of investors. Practice-driven knowledge about how to measure, manage and communicate impact is key. Getting impact investment-ready is another important step to successfully access investors and secure the right types of capital. With B-Briddhi, we also expand the traditional financial toolbox and make entrepreneurs ready to access the world of innovative and impact-linked finance. B-Briddhi integrates a gender lens, actively supports climate adaptation and unites many important stakeholders including investors, incubators, accelerators, and other service providers. 


How our impact journey unfolded

How we fill the impact investment pipeline

Which pillars we offer

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