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Alternative Structures for Financing Early-Stage Impact Enterprises in Bangladesh

We need to redefine the terms of investments to better fit the unique attributes of impact enterprises — whether it be more patience, unconventional repayment options, or rewards for impact. In this toolkit, we want to highlight some of the alternative structures that can be used to support impact enterprises on their journey to create much-needed impact at scale. GET THE ENTIRE INNOVATIVE FINANCE TOOLKIT HERE or select individual instruments below. Here you’ll also find case studies and additional resources.

I. Equity Alternatives and Convertibles

Revenue Share Agreement (equity based)

Description RSA Equity Based

Case Studies: coming soon!

Additional Resources: Impact Terms Alternative Exits / Techcrunch Revenue-Based Investing / Impact Terms Revenue-Based Financing

Revenue Share Agreement (debt based)

Description RSA Debt Based

Case Studies: VIWALA

Additional Resources: none yet

II. Catalytic Impact-Linked Finance Instruments: Attracting Private Investment

Impact-Ready Matching Fund (IRMF)

Description IRMF

Case Studies: There are no case studies yet – the instrument will be used for the first time in the B-Briddhi programme

Additional Resources: IRMF page

III. Other Impact-Linked Finance Instruments

Impact-Linked Convertible Note

Description Impact-Linked Covertible Note

Case Studies: there are no case studies for this innovative instrument yet.

Additional Resources: Impact-Linked Finance

IV. Other Catalytic Funding Instruments: Attracting Additional Investment (Blended Finance)

V. Results-Based Finance Instruments for Non-Profit Organisations