Get subsidies for tailored support in IMM and IIR

What is our Voucher Scheme?

A powerful fitness opportunity for impact enterprises

Once service providers have successfully passed our TRAIN-THE-TRAINER programmes, they are eligible to become certified service providers for our Voucher Scheme. This means that an impact enterprise can select one of these certified service providers and jointly apply for a voucher by B-Briddhi. This voucher will then subsidise the cost of the Impact Investment Readiness and Impact Measurement & Management services delivered by the certified service provider to the impact enterprise.

How does the application generally work?

When is the next Voucher Scheme available?

Stay tuned for Voucher Scheme applications coming in September 2024!

For impact entrepreneurs, the Voucher Scheme is a great opportunity to access tailored support on Impact Investment Readiness (IIR) and/or Impact Measurement & Management (IMM). As an entrepreneur, you can select a certified service provider that has completed and passed a rigorous assessment in the Train-the-Trainer components. Then, you jointly develop a programme that will propel you forward and serve as the basis of your application. Detailed information on the Voucher Scheme can be found in the following document.

Once the Voucher Scheme call opens, eligible impact enterprises are invited to submit a joint application with one of the certified service providers. For example, you find our certified service providers from the last Voucher Scheme in 2022 below. Please note that the online application will require you to submit a training plan. You can download the editable templates: for the IIR training plan and the IMM training plan.  You should also refer to the service menu for IIR and the service menu for IMM, as you develop your training plan.

What the timeline for the Voucher Scheme 2024 looks like

How to find your service provider

The final selection of certified service providers will be announced on this page around the end of August 2024 – stay tuned!

As an example from the past, here are some who were certified for the 2022 programme:

How to know if you are eligible as an entrepreneur

Here are the typical preconditions for a successful application:

As an impact enterprise, you have to:

  • be legally registered in Bangladesh
  • have been in operation for at least 2 years (for Investment Readiness services only or services for both Investment Readiness and Impact Management) OR 1 year (for Impact Management services)
  • explicitly seek to address a social or environmental problem
  • have at least one full-time team member who will continue to work at the organisation full-time while the participating team member takes part in the programme
  • already have a product or service that you are ready to sell
  • already have customers buying or using this product or service
  • be applying jointly with a pre-approved service provider
  • have the resources to pay 20% (or 5% if qualified as a rural entrepreneur) of the cost of service delivery fees up to the voucher limit and 100% of the cost of service delivery fees (if above the voucher limit).