How to exercise for more investment readiness and impact management fitness

What is included in our training and voucher offer?

A powerful fitness opportunity for incubators and impact enterprises

Both the Investment Readiness Train-The-Trainer Programme and the Impact Management Train-The-Trainer Programme target incubators and impact enterprises. First, incubators will participate in a Train-The-Trainer programme, which either covers the latest knowledge and tools in Investment Readiness or Impact Management. Then, impact enterprises can select a trained incubator and jointly apply for a voucher that will subsidize the cost of the incubator’s services.

How does the application work?

For incubators: Train-the-Trainer offer

The current round of applications has closed. Please check back in early 2021 for information on how and when to apply for the next round of our Train-the-Trainer component!

Incubators are encouraged to apply for our Train-the-Trainer programme that has been specifically developed for these kinds of service providers and was tailored to the Bangladesh context. You can choose to participate in one or both of our Train-The-Trainer programmes, Investment Readiness and/or Impact Management. For more details about both programmes please see this PDF.

What is the application timeline for incubators?

How to know if you are eligible as an incubator

Please check the following conditions before you apply:

As an incubator, you have to:

  • be legally registered in Bangladesh;
  • commit to participating in a series of online bootcamps to be held between mid June to mid July 2020 (exact dates tbd);
  • have been in operation for at 2 least years;
  • have provided services on investment readiness and/or impact management to impact enterprises;
  • plan to run an iteration of one or both types of services in the next 6 months.

For impact entrepreneurs: Voucher Scheme

The current round of applications has closed. Please check back in early- to mid-2021 for information on how and when to apply for the next round of the Voucher Scheme component!

For impact entrepreneurs, the Voucher scheme is a great opportunity to access a tailored support on Investment Readiness and/or Impact Management. You will be able to select an incubator that has successfully taken part in the Train-The-Trainer component and jointly develop a programme that will serve as the basis of your application. Detailed information on the Voucher scheme can be found in the following document.

Eligible impact enterprises are then invited to submit a joint application with one of the pre-approved incubators. The application itself will ask impact enterprises and their partner incubator to submit a capacity development plan with specific deliverables against which the success of the service delivery can be measured. These deliverables will also be included as part of the service contract. We advise that applicants craft this plan before beginning the application process using a template that we will provide on the website. The plan should specify the type of service provided, the format, and the price for the services provided. If you want to check the application questions beforehand, just click the button below.

Before starting your application, look at these documents! They provide essential information to correctly fill out the application.

Document FunctionIR LinkIM link
Service delivery menus will provide an overview of the types of services we expect to see in the plans you create. Please refer to them in your joint discussions and use them as the basis for the service delivery templates that you submit in your application.Investment Readiness menuImpact Management menu
Service delivery templates provide the required format for submitting the training plan at the application stage. Please fill this out together, making reference to the service delivery menus.Investment Readiness templateImpact Management template

Looking for a partner incubator, accelerator, or service provider? Check out the list below of qualified service delivery organisations and get in touch today!

OrganisatonWebsiteContact NameContact Email
Bangladesh Angels Networkwww.bdangels.coNirjhor Rahman,
Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centerventures.bylc.orgBarisha
BRAC Social Innovation Labhttp://innovation.brac.netSalman
Truvalu Enterpriseshttps://truvalu.companySharawwat Islam, Managing
YY Ventures

What is the application timeline for impact entrepreneurs?

How to know if you are eligible as an entrepreneur

Please check the following conditions before you apply:

As an impact enterprise, you have to:

  • be legally registered in Bangladesh
  • have been in operation for at least 2 years (for Investment Readiness services only or services for both Investment Readiness and Impact Management) OR 1 year (for Impact Management services)
  • explicitly seek to address a social or environmental problem
  • have at least one full-time team member who will continue to work at the organisation full time while the participating team member takes part in the programme
  • already have a product or service that you are ready to sell
  • already have customers buying or using this product or service
  • be applying jointly with a pre-approved service provider
  • have the resources to pay 20% of the cost of the incubation, acceleration, or service provision fees.