Learn how to access Impact-Linked Finance to scale

Would you like to know what this innovative bootcamp is about?

A powerful way to get ready to attract Impact-Linked Finance!

The Impact-Linked Finance Readiness Bootcamp (ILF Readiness Bootcamp) is designed to support impact enterprises in elevating their impact measurement and management (IMM) systems. The goal is that impact enterprises will learn how to build up sufficient baseline data so that they are prepared to receive financial incentives directly linked to their impact performance.  In other words: they get ready for Impact-Linked Finance.

The ILF Readiness Bootcamp starts again in September 2024 and will spread over 3 months. Read more information and apply today using the link below!

This innovative capacity-building element aims to increase the number of candidates who can receive Impact-Linked Finance instruments such as Impact-Ready Matching Funds (IRMF) and Social Impact Incentives (SIINC). The 2024 bootcamp edition will spread over 3 months. It is free of charge and will include a limited number of impact enterprises in a cohort that is carefully selected. To learn more, find the details in the PDFs below and apply by 16th July 2024 on our apply page

What is the timeline of this open call?

About the eligibility criteria

Here are the bootcamp conditions:

Eligible impact enterprises have to:

  • have a comprehensive Theory of Change: Are you already collecting sufficient and high-quality data that accurately reflects it?
  • have customer data available, ideally in ways that can be disaggregated across gender, income level, etc.
  • defined the type of impact data measured (outcomes vs. outputs!) 
  • have (a system to generate) baseline impact data, ideally one that can scale as your enterprise grows
  • a clear attribution: Do you have data to prove that your enterprise can be attributed for the impact that occurred for the target customers you’re serving? 
  • additionality: Do you have sufficient data to prove that the impact generated by your enterprise wouldn’t have occurred otherwise without your business activities?