How we catalyze the funding you need to scale your impact

How to scale and focus on impact

This pillar is specifically targeted at impact enterprises and investors

As a young enterprise looking to grow and scale operations, you may find that you have limited opportunities to access investment – especially if you want to expand or deepen your impact. The Biniyog Briddhi: SIE-B Programme offers you a chance to apply for catalytic funding to overcome this challenge. For investors, it opens up exciting opportunities to enjoy more favorable conditions to engage in impact enterprises that are capable to measure their impact. There are two possible forms of support for impact enterprises to apply for:

What we have in stock for you


The Impact Ready Matching Fund (IRMF) is non-repayable funding that will match seed investment 1:1. If you are an early-stage impact enterprise, you will be able to apply for this funding that will reward you for building up your impact management systems and match a seed investment.


Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) reward high-impact enterprises with premium payments based on the social outcomes that they generate. In this way, impact is incentivized and increases the enterprise’s profitability and attractiveness for investors.

Who has received catalytic funding from us to date: