Make use of our mutually empowering components

3 intertwined programme pillars

Pillar 1: Capacity building

Incubators, accelerators and impact entrepreneurs receive targeted capacity building in order to promote impact investment readiness (IIR) and strengthen impact measurement & management (IMM). Train-the-trainer programmes for service providers and vouchers for impact entrepreneurs allow bringing these capacities to the next level:

Pillar 2: Catalytic funding

Impact entrepreneurs and investors benefit from more suitable and attractive forms of capital by using catalytic finance that attracts additional investment. In addition, entrepreneurs are incentivized to manage their impact, which will create more transparency and engagement from business angels to invest:

Pillar 3: Knowledge

Pillar 3: Ecosystem stakeholders receive fresh ideas, knowledge and impulses on how to create a more favourable framework for social and ecological innovation and mobilize more capital for the benefit of impact entrepreneurs: