What impact investing can do

Workshop in Chittagong: “A new type of capital: What impact investing can do for you” / Biniyog Briddhi has set out to support the development of the impact investing ecosystem in Bangladesh since its launch in 2020. With inclusiveness being a key design rationale of the programme, the B-Briddhi team has intentionally expanded its activities […] [...]

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Case study Apon Wellbeing

Apon Wellbeing: Providing Affordable Goods and Services for the Industrial Workers in Bangladesh Apon Wellbeing is one of the successful enterprises to receive Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) from the B-Briddhi programme. Through this partnership, Apon will benefit from financial incentives for achieving its impact goals in a scalable manner. How is Apon Wellbeing, an omnichannel […] [...]

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